Gördes Ltd,

Took the first steps to achieve its goals in 2017.


The story of our company started with the information and tricks that Kamil Yağmur, company partner, received from the world’s leading investment consultants for the most efficient and profitable use of the product at hand. The first investment was made in Kaşıkçı Village of Gördes, Manisa. After the preliminary work carried out with the land size reached the desired level, the first phase of the garden was planted in January 2017, and the second phase was planted in February 2018. These gardens, known as “Atalan Farm” today, produce the most popular walnut type, Chandler walnut, in the world. The development of the garden and the income obtained following this development make the partners of the garden smile and encourage them to work more willingly in the field of walnut cultivation.

The trees on the lands that have been transformed from arid lands into beautiful walnut gardens are fed and grown with fully automated irrigation and fertilization systems and a great deal of effort.


Agriculture is the future of all.

We have been producing clonal rootstocks for walnut trees by tissue culture method since 2018.

With this production, we provide quality starting material to our nursery.Our annual capacity is the production of 150,000 Vlach walnut rootstocks. We aim to produce 300,000 clonal walnut rootstocks.